LXE Storage Solutions

Shower bags.  Campground showers donít always have convenient shelves for shampoo, soap, razor, etc.  We keep those items in zippered lingerie laundry bags (Dollar Tree) with a shoelaces to hang them from the shower faucet.  Back at the camper, we hang them out to dry.  We also use bath sponges instead of washcloths Ė they dry a lot faster.


Kitchen storage.  A many-years-old plastic cabinet, intended for use over a toilet tank (can you even buy them anymore?), makes a perfect kitchen cabinet for cooking utensils.  It fits next to the kitchen sink or on the picnic table.  A lipped drawer organizer with small items can hang on the back, the edged top is good for little items, and the side handles are handy for drying dishcloths.